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How to Choose a Pool Cue Tip


With the number of pool cue tips available and also the number of sizes and densities, picking a trick can be an overwhelming process. Cue tips are typically judged by point density and materials. Tips can vary from a density only 60 as with the Elk Master tips all the way to tough tips with density measurements of 90. Which suggestion you choose depends on your targets as a pool player.

Hint Density
When you know, different hints have different densities or degrees of hardness ranging from soft to extra tough.

What this means is the fact that a gentle tip will require more care than a suggestion.

Several gamers that prefer a soft tip believe there is a relationship between English and tip softness. The experience is the softer the point, the more command and English you gain over the ball.

Generally speaking, a harder pool cue tip will last longer and retain its shape a lot better than a soft tip. With a hard tip, you'll be replacing your tip much less frequently than a delicate tip. In addition, several players who enjoy hard suggestions think they're able to achieve more control and consistency having a hard tip.

Testing Tip Density

The most common method to perform a basic density test would only push your thumbnail into the point. A tough tip is not going to leave any impression at all, even though a soft tip will leave a vital impression.

So Many To Choose From...

So since you know a little about hints, which one should you buy? Definitely, the most famous tip available on the market is the Le Pro-tip. Also called Le Professional Tips, these tips are exceptionally inexpensive, are utilized by the majority of production cues and as a medium hard trick, will continue quite a long time. Le Pro tips are located on most major brands and are excellent tips. On the soft-side, the most popular and affordable tip is the Elk Learn.

These suggestions are considerably higher priced, but are created using a few of the best quality hides out there now. Moori tips, for instance, are constructed with eleven levels of high quality pigskin and Talisman ideas are made out of a very sturdy buffalo hide.

Ultimately, every pool player will get a different view regarding what is the greatest pool cue tip. The only way to choose the right idea for you will find a tip that compliments your playing style.


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